Friday, May 2, 2008

Message to Ross Nelson

Message to Ross Nelson

Further to Message to Jimmy and Message to Gold Coast Driver I would like to say that the WW1 British aristocracy casualty was very low! They used to push the Australians, Bangladeshis, Canadians, Indians, New Zealanders, Pakistanis in the front while they used sip Champagne from castles behind. No one have to argue about these settled facts. One has to accept the reality instead of hiding behind racism and sectarianism, because those defense shields are false and futile.

Historically speaking the Master Careers Association used to be the modern day equivalent of the TNT. They used to bash workers out side their Redfern office where ironically the TNT building is standing. The ‘good’ Police did nothing. Cutting the story short, the high class ‘chair sniffing’ MCA bankrupted for their own-deeds and perished like “commoners” in a miserable manner despite their outrageous refusal to accept the fate.

Faruque Ahmed, Mike Hatrick, late Emil Haraszti, Tony Denton and many good taxi drivers did some good for taxi drivers. It is not a good idea to insult and attack them without any good reason or ground. They have not done anything wrong. They are trying very hard in a very difficult atmosphere. They are also human being. Your baselees and irrelevant attacks continuum may distract them from doing some good work for the community. I hope no one is paying you from doing so, because your irrational and unsubstantiated attacks on them do not make any sense and totally unproductive.

I hope you will wake up and stop acting against the wish and interest of the taxi workers.

--- In, "Ross Nelson" wrote:

Yesterday I spoke on 2GB to Alan Jones for about ten minutes at the peak time of 8:15am.
We spoke mostly about the intended lifting of our right to charge the habour crossing north-bound.
We were supposed to talk mostly about safety and the government's inaction.
Sadly time ran out.Today Alan got John Watkins on air.After giving him a going over re other aspects of Public Transport Alan asked him about Taxi Driver safety.It appeared as though he had not read the Madden Report.
He said that he had spoken to Michael Jools on a few occasions.
"Since the report has been released?"
"No."Anyway after a bit of pushing and shoving it looks like we may start to get some action nearly two years since Michael Jools and I met him to urge him to do something about making our lives safer.rossco

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